The Runnymede Project

In 2006 Emma Baker and Elise Parups conceptualised a project to bring a like-minded community vision together to harness the potential of a disused site on Runnymede St Capalaba. After years of lobbying and bringing community groups together to discuss, Redland City Council began a consultation process in 2009.

Runnymede Consultation 2009

Subsequently the community began a robust process to investigate the alternative uses and potential partners. Both Emma Baker and Elise Parups remained active facilitators of the project, and garnered support of some 50 community individuals, groups and organisations.

A collective mutual was floated as a potential business model for the site, reusing the old chicken sheds for various community enterprises and start up new ventures.

After many months of consultation and investigation, Redland City Council deemed the site unfit for community access, stalling the community’s input.

Years later, the land was finally given to a key local non-profit group, which has established a social enterprise on the site.