P&Cs Qld’s cash for cans

Turning cash for cans into a state school enterprise to ensure every child has every chance for learning success.

In the role at P&Cs Qld as BCM, Elise identified a unique opportunity for non-profit enterprise through Qld’s new cash for cans incentive. With the potential of 1,200 sites across Queensland and a ready and mobilised 35,000-strong army of volunteers, she developed an innovative network system, using the P&Cs as a test case. The concept was for the organisation to develop a templated system which worked through and mitigated potential risk to child safety and school systems, collecting a small fee to assist the school to partner with waste companies to capture the parent body through education and communication strategies.

Quadruple bottom line benefits for collective impact.

The system is designed to address a quadruple bottom line benefit for all parties; economic, environmental, social and cultural.

As a member of the Non Profit roundtable, the enterprise network was presented to the network for non-profit member organisations, a similar model has been subsequently adopted by Surf Life Saving NSW.

After researching and developing a robust business case, the P&Cs project in Qld has received seed capital to progress.

The project follows a quadruple bottom line approach and is estimated to deliver of millions of dollars in revenue for state schools over the coming years, and aims to create a secure revenue stream for the organisation.

Pitch presentation for Minister, Govt exec and stakeholders.