Partnership management

A keen and confident negotiator, with an ability to realise the value required to establish and maintain relationships for mutual benefit.

Sponsors for P&Cs Qld

Throughout her career Elise has researched, initiated, developed and led many major fundraising and business development strategies including sourcing and winning multiple grants, managing deed of grant partnerships and sponsorships with both government departments and commercial relationships, new product development and also new ventures for collective and social impact. This was evidenced most recently in her role at P&Cs Qld as the Business and Communications Manager. Elise initiated a fundraising and sponsorship review and subsequent strategy aligned with the vision of the organisation “Every Child Every Chance”. This entailed looking at the value of each existing partnership, identifying the gaps and developing a business strategy to reach (and exceed) expected milestones.

At P&Cs Qld Elise managed all of the sponsor relationships, negotiated contracts and value benefits, raising the income from the sponsorship arm by 80% in just under three years. This included partners such from non-profit, the banking, insurance and finance sector, universities, education and training facilities, IT and commercial organisations.

While at Redland City Council, Elise worked with the community development team to partner with the community groups, events and activities, alongside P&Cs, church groups, commercial groups and local service providers.

At P&Cs Qld Elise frequently provided extensive reports, briefings, business plans and documentation for senior executives, Ministers, local and state elected representatives. She also reported regularly to the board, senior executives and through the annual report on key performance indicators.

During her roles at local and state government she liaised with media outlets for events pertinent to various projects; Year of Creativity, Regional Arts Development, community development projects, youth and senior’s events and departmental initiatives.