It’s a Master of Business Administration… but not as you know it…

Undertaking a course of study as significant as the MBA is not for the feint-hearted, let alone while working full time and ‘growing up’ four children.

(Pictured: Elise, fellow students, academics, and CEO of Australian Institute of Business, Paul Wappett)

Distinct from a standard MBA trajectory, Elise’s focus for her course of study was centred around business development for social and collective impact. Her theory for applied business practice is based on the implementation of the Quadruple bottom line approach. This fourth pillar, in advance of the traditional economic, or even social and environmental pillars, is variably described as; sustainability, purpose, health & wellbeing, impact, spirituality, governance or ethics (Fonseca 2014; Engelbrecht 2010; Alibasic 2018 etc).

Elise has subscribed to the view (Walters & Takmura 2015; Shafiq & Qureshi 2014; Pizzirini 2018) that the fourth pillar should be represented by Culture.

Culture is almost invisible unless you gather context and understand the impact the organisation and its products and services have, and the impact its collective action or inaction has on the whole system. This includes the way organisations treat suppliers, staff and volunteers, who they source their goods and services from, and how their stated purpose aligns with their actions to benefit profit, people, the planet.

Elise completed her studies in August 2018 and graduated MBA (Distinction) in December 2018.

Hence, as Elise launches into the world beyond MBA, she finds herself yearning for meaning making… social and collective meaning for ethical and cultural values.

Elise’s main passion in business (non-profit, commercial and government) is to help develop a more fulsome understanding of the fourth pillar for organisations; culture.