About Me

Thanks for your interest in my journey!

I am currently working with small businesses, social enterprises, and NFP community groups to grow their impact and ability to reach their goals and become more efficient through the Queensland Social Enterprise Council QSEC as their inaugural Executive Officer (since 2019). I would encourage all Queensland “profit for purpose” businesses to consider joining QSEC and get involved with your local social enterprise network.

Does your project need strong management, communications management and planning, event coordination, community engagement strategy, clear direction or team performance support?

Does your board need a strategy reboot, management oversight or governance brush up?

Does your business need an overhaul, a strategy refit, marketing plan to reach new audiences or are you baffled by social media and website updates?

I have had rich experiences working with business and NFPs after years of leading teams and passionately serving in the arts, education and community sectors in corporate, NFP, state and local government positions.

I love working in business development, team building, stakeholder engagement, partnerships management, project management, communication, and building community networks.

From my initial background in creative practice, I have used my innovative skill set to move fluidly from teaching and training to community development, communications and marketing, media and event management, project management and business development.

I recently described my work as being an “Impact whisperer, using amplified communications”. I thrive in collaborative, innovative environments delivering communication for social and collective impact, working to align passion and principles, and developing business opportunities in the most unlikely of places. I am a keen observer of cultural ecologies and a seasoned project manager.

A recent MBA graduate, I used my considerable expertise in community and business development to craft a body of academic research focussed on new ventures, social enterprise and innovative practice for social and collective impact. Take a peek at my MBA Facebook blog to catch the action of the day!

Please feel free to browse highlights of my career in my Portfolio and I will be happy to explain in detail the various adventures and pursuits I have been involved with. As a team player, I am proud to collaborate with my fellow journey-folk, and pay homage to those who have helped along the way.

Please reach out to me if you wish to connect about any of these projects.

E: eliseparups@gmail.com