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Celebrating Q150

In 2008 Elise Parups was commissioned as the concept designer for an innovative cultural project, involving 150 artists and their communities. Sam Di Mauro then curated the 150 pieces to be held digitally in the SLQ in perpetuity. 

Year of Creativity 2009

Elise was contracted to deliver a ‘Year of Creativity’ for the Minister of Education and Arts; implemented across state education facilities to explore collaborative, creative design thinking tools, exchanges and experiences.

Ignite Redlands

What does it take to re-localise the economy and IGNITE a sleepy bayside township? A creative initiative, a whole lot of volunteers, community and commerce input and a festival of light!

The Red Place

Located in the heart of Cleveland, Redland City, The Red Place was established as a co-working incubator for enterprising Redlands businesses by founders Paul Bishop and Elise Parups.

Community Cultural Development

Working with the Redlands creative community, the Quandamooka people from Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island), and external partners.

Communications & Marketing

Elise has worked in marketing, media and communications at a senior level for more than 15 years.

P&Cs Qld’s cash for cans

Turning cash for cans into a state school enterprise to ensure every child has every chance for learning success. 

The Runnymede Project

In 2006 Emma Baker and Elise Parups conceptualised a project to bring a like-minded community vision together.

Partnership management

A keen and confident negotiator, with an ability to realise the value required to establish and maintain relationships for mutual benefit. 


It’s a MBA… but not as you know it…


Exploring Elise’s passion for art, writing and creative pursuits.

Teaching, Training & Presenting

Education and training philosophy

Business Impact Whisperer

I am now available for contract, temporary or full time projects requiring business services and training for positive impact.

What is a Social Enterprise?

A Social Enterprise is a TRADING business which has a social mission embedded in the DNA of the business to directly address social, cultural and environmental needs…